Jazz History Resources

Here is some recommended reading on Jazz History from the panelists in our January 2021 discussion on Honoring the Roots of Jazz in Teaching:

“Thinking in Jazz” by Paul Berliner

“JAZZ” by Gary Giddins and Scott DeVeaux

“Sayin’ Something “by Ingrid Monson

“Notes and Tones” and “Keeping Time” edited by Robert Walser

“Blues People” by Amiri Baraka

“What Is This Thing Called Soul: Conversations on Black Culture and Jazz Education” by Dr. Damani Phillips

First person accounts are a good bet to get the true “voice” of the times. “Music is My Mistress”, for example, instead of relying on Gunther Schuller’s EARLY JAZZ to “explain” Duke Ellington. Albert Murray’s STOMPIN’ THE BLUES for Count Basie’s history, placing said story into a cultural and social context.

Published by Dennis Green

Middle-aged public radio manager, occasional writer and stage performer. You can find me at the Washington H.S. pool many mornings at 5:30am.

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